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Daniel G. DDS

Yeshivat HaKotel | Touro College '05 | Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine '10 | Periodontics '13

“YBT imbues me with a love of learning and the Torah way of life. I was able to internalize the relentless pursuit of this ideal with a measured balance of practicality and growth in my personal character.”

Joshua H.jpeg

Joshua H.

Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah | Touro College '21 - Computer Science

YBT is a Beit Midrash program and a community. The Rebbeim have enabled me to study Torah in a way that brings out beautiful insights, and they are a constant source of brilliant guidance and method. I’ve felt a wonderful sense of closeness from the Rebbeim, students, and families. Whether it be chaburot on Shabbat hosted by the Rebbeim, or meals hosted by the gracious and kind community members, YBT has given me an opportunity to thrive in Torah, Mitzvot, and in my personal life.”

Levi S.jpeg

Levi S. PhD

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - MSc/PhD Computational Neuroscience

"The love for Talmud Torah permeates the whole YBT community. As a student there, I vividly remember feeling the electricity of the beit midrash. That love and passion for Talmud Torah is one of the most valuable gifts Yeshiva can offer."

isseroff - Yehuda I.jpg

Yehuda I. DDS

Yeshivat HaKotel | Columbia School of Dental Medicine DDS ' 16, Endodontics '18

While it has been nearly a decade since I learned in its physical location, YBT still plays a prominent role in my daily life. My regular chavrutot, peers I turn to for career advice, and teachers I seek for help in discussing the "big questions" are all people who I first met at Yeshiva. Its reputation for attracting unique thinkers and bright minds is something special amongst Modern Orthodox yeshivot.


Sammy A. DDS

Yeshivat Torat Shraga | Touro College | NYU College of Dentistry DDS

“The amazing experience I had at Yeshiva Bnei Torah came not only from the yeshiva and its shiurim, but also from the YBT community. Seeing the ideas of Torah embodied through the YBT community and Rebbeim gave me a much greater appreciation for what I learned in the shiurim. The crystal clear ideas of Torah that I was taught combined with the genuine Torah lifestyles of its community members, gave me a unique experience that will stay with me throughout my life.”


Moshe Z. 

Analyst at Point72

“My years at the Yeshiva were instrumental in laying the foundation for a life of Torah. In transmitting a creative, analytical approach to halacha and hashkafa, our rabbeim have endowed us with a unique derech ha-limmud and derech ha-chayim. The chevra and community are comprised of people I wholeheartedly respect, and I’ve been fortunate to continue my learning with them, a dozen years later. In every way, Yeshiva Bnei Torah is my home away from home.”

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