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Daily Schedule

Our program features a fully flexible curriculum with options for both full-time and part-time students. Multiple tracks of advanced Gemara shiurim are given in the mornings and afternoons with a series of elective shiurim at night. Our daily and weekly courses include Halacha, Tanach, Jewish Thought, Mishlei, Tefilah, Pirkei Avot, open Q&A, and more. Our Sunday morning shiur features a rotation of our  rabbeim as well as  guest speakers and is open to the entire community.

During each of the three sedarim students may choose to enroll in shiurim, to learn b’chavruta, or to learn on their own. Our rabbeim are available in the Beit Midrash to field questions and facilitate independent learning. Our Director of Student Learning meets with each student several times throughout the year to plan and adapt a customized learning schedule based on their individual learning goals, personal objectives, and college course load.

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